Today’s Bar B Q Grills and Grates Are Wonderful

Back in the 1800s, in the American South, if a politician wanted to go out and get the voters to vote for him, he held a Bar B Q. It usually involved filling it with wood digging a pit and then topping it with a pig that could slowly cook over the course of the day.

With time, a simpler method was developed, that entailed taking charcoal or charcoal briquettes (that are made of compressed and shaped ground charcoal) and filling a little barrel with them, lighting them and then putting a grill over the hot coals to cook the meat.

Today- there are for cooking a Bar B Q as there are variations on the Bar B Q sauce you make to go with it. Just as you can base your Bar B Q sauce on each vinegar, mustard or tomatoes, so also you can choose between conventional Char broil grills, little portable grills for tailgate parties or picnics, steel gas grills that come in their own carts to wheel around the lawn or the full blown stainless steel grills which could easily replace a kitchen and are often the centerpiece of an outdoor entertainment area that rivals those of any roadside Bar B Q restaurant.

As with anything, the sort of grill and grate you choose will depend on what you need. I love to take my little hibachi-style grill with me once I go camping as it’s easy to carry, sets up fast and because I usually camp (ah the silent!) It’s sufficient for my needs. On the other hand, a friend of mine lives in a loft above his workshop and loves to wear a Bar B Q show for the neighborhood on Sunday afternoons. He has a gas Bar B Q that could cook ten chops and veggies to go with them and still have space left over. The aroma of steaks grilling will bring every celebrity case of beer, within a mile in tow, to partake of Todd’s Sunday Grill Fest.

Smokers, on the other hand, are a whole different approach. Any kind of Bar B Q usually contains a specific quantity of smoking of the meat; it’s what gives it that special flavor. In fact, the flavor can alter just by changing the type of wood you use. Mesquite provides an earthly flavor, apple adds a sweetness, hickory provides you that classic bacon-like flavor, grape (used in Europe mostly) adds a delicacy, and pecan provides a sleek but nutty flavor to poultry in general and turkey in particular. Smokers come in every shape from the enormous closet-sized aluminum smokers to the newest and very popular ceramic “egg”. My sister in Seattle bought one several years back and always sings it praises.

In the long run, it doesn’t matter if smoke your meat, you decide to Bar B Q in a pit or grill it. Summer has become so connected with the notion of Bar B Q or grilling that it feels like you’ve missed in case you grill at least once and don’t get out. With the variety of grates and grills to choose from, you’re bound to have dinner!

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