The History of Birmingham City University

The Birmingham City University has an impressive history, although it might not be the largest of the three universities which live in Birmingham. There are eight campuses in all, so you couldn’t be further from the truth, if you think of the college as having one building.

Therefore the university’s history goes back further than you may think. It was back in 1843 that the first building blocks of the university we know today came into existence. This happened with the opening of the Birmingham Government School of Design. This was the moment when were united. In doing this the City of Birmingham Polytechnic was formed.

As you can see, while the Birmingham City University holds a strong place in the hearts of many students in town, it has changed and evolved in lots of different ways through the years. The Birmingham Polytechnic, as it had been known from 1971 onwards lasted in the form of a polytechnic for 17 years. The next phase of development of what we now call the Birmingham City University in the life span would be even briefer — lasting for 3 decades.

In this case the change has been a move from being within the domain of the local education authority to gaining independent status. When 1992 dawned, so did the opportunity to give college status to the polytechnic. It was agreed that this would be done, and the University of Central England (in Birmingham) was formed, although in essence only the title was changed.

So we’re nearly current and as you can see there were many phases and changes which all took place to bring the college to its present form. All that remained to do was to change the title of the university to something more memorable. This was done in 2007, so while the Birmingham City University has been with us its title is a baby.

Many students have studied at the respective campuses that form part of this university. Whether it is in the School of Art in the Birmingham Conservatoire or Margaret Street, there are lots of opportunities to study in town. Additionally, there are lots of Birmingham hotels nearby if you would like to visit the city for a few days to find out whether the college has any courses to provide you with.

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