Family Maps of Tuscaloosa County, Alabama Edition

Family Maps of Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, Deluxe Edition

Product Description
Finding original landowners in maps has never been an easy. This volume in the Family Maps series comprises newly created maps of initial landowners (patent maps) in what is now Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, gleaned from the indicators of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. However, it offers much more than that. For every township in the county, there are two maps accompanying a road map the patent map and a map showing both contemporary, railroads, and waterways and and cemeteries. Included are indexes to help you locate what you’re searching for, whether you know a person’s name, a cemetery, a place-name, or a name. The combination of maps and indicators are designed to aid investigators of American history or genealogy to research frontier areas, examine family migrations, find land based on descriptions found in old documents or deeds, in addition to find towns and cemeteries. The patent-maps are maps but instead of depicting owners for a calendar year, these maps show landowners, regardless of once the transfer from the national government was completed. Dates of patents run to the early 1900s and typically begin near the time of statehood. 600 pages with 143 total maps What is Mapped inside this book (that you will not likely find elsewhere) … 11590 Parcels of Land (with initial landowner names and patent-dates labeled in the relevant map) 212 Cemeteries plus … Roads, and existing Rivers, Creeks, Streams, Railroads, and Small-towns (including some historic), etc.. Are these maps for, what YEARS? Here are the counts for parcels of land mapped, by the decade in which the corresponding land patents were issued: Decade Parcel-count 1820s 2505 1830s 3235 1840s 414 1850s 2855 1860s 1106 1870s 3 1880s 326 1890s 563 1900s 116 1910s 372 1920s 91 1930s 1 1940s 1 What Cities and Towns are in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama (and in this book)? Abernant, Brookwood, Brownville, Bucksville, Buhl, Bull City, Burchfield, Caffee Junction, Cedar Cove, Chambers, Chamblee, Cloester Valley, Cloverdale, Coaling, Coker, Coker Heights, Cottondale, Docray, Dowdle, Dudley, Duncanville, East Brookwood, Echola, Elrod, Englewood, Flatwoods, Fleetwood, Fosters, Gorgas, Grimes, Hagler, Highview, Holman, Holt, Howton, Hull, Kellerman, Kimbrell, Klondike, Lake View, Little Sandy, Maxwell, McPherson Landing, Moores Bridge, Mount Olive, Mountainbrook, New Lexington, Northport, Pattersontown, Pearson, Peterson, Pine Circle, Ralph, Rickey, Riverview, Romulus, Samantha, Sandtown, Searles, Shadowood, Shirley, Sommerville, South Holt, Stokes, Sylvan, Tannehill, Taylorville, Thorndale, Three Forks, Tuscaloosa, Valliwood, Vance, Westhill, Westland, Whitson, Wiley, Windham Springs, Yolande

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