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Adult Coloring book — A guide through Huntsville Alabama 1: Adult Coloring Book – A fun coloring book Revealing some of Huntsville, Alabama’s unique … (Huntsville Alabama Coloring book) (Volume 1)

Adult Coloring book — A guide through Huntsville Alabama 1: Adult Coloring Book – A fun coloring book showing some of Huntsville, Alabama’s unique … (Huntsville Alabama Coloring book) (Volume 1) Product DescriptionThis is a superbly creative coloring book for adults and kids. It provides the calming, meditative, light frame of mind that coloring in… Read more »

Montgomery’s Civil Heritage Trail: A History & Guide (Landmarks)

Montgomery’s cultural heritage reflects two of America’s most transformative struggles: the Civil War and the civil rights movement. On February 18, 1861, Jefferson Davis was inaugurated as president of the Confederate States of America on the Alabama Capitol steps. Those same steps marked the final destination of this Selma-Montgomery voting rights march on March 25,… Read more »

Montgomery’s Historic Neighborhoods (Images of America)

Montgomery’s Historic Neighborhoods (Images of America) Product DescriptionMontgomery’s first neighborhoods were nestled near downtown for convenient working and shopping. In 1887, the electrical trolley system made living beyond the city limits attainable. The first streetcar suburb, Highland Park, was developed the exact same year. Although Centennial Hill, Cottage Hill, the Garden District, and the Old… Read more »

Huntsville (Images of America)

Product DescriptionHuntsville has served as the unofficial capital of north Alabama since the early 19th century. Settled by John Hunt and developed by ambitious cotton planters, enterprising merchants and professionals, and tens of thousands of families looking for new opportunities in the rich farmland, Huntsville has continued to grow and prosper as 21st-century corporations and… Read more »

Birmingham Then and Now®

A late arrival on the Southern landscape, the city of Birmingham was not incorporated until after the Civil War. In actuality, from 1820 to 1871, what is currently Birmingham has been known as the hamlet of Elyton, a little crossroads set in the rolling foothills of the Appalachian Mountains where several Pony Express and stage… Read more »

Selma (Images of America)

Product DescriptionOn April 2, 1865, one effected change and of the battles of the Civil War destroyed almost three-fourths of Selma. At the war’s beginning, Selma became one of the principal manufacturing and a transportation center centers supporting the South’s war effort. Its foundries produced supplies and munitions, and Confederate warships were constructed by its… Read more »

Seeds of Freedom: Huntsville, Alabama’s Peaceful Integration

Explore a little-known story of the civil rights movement, where white and black citizens in one Alabama city worked together nonviolently to end segregation. Mention the civil rights era in Alabama, and most men and women recall images of terrible violence. But something different happened in Huntsville. For the citizens of the city, courage imagination,… Read more »

City Maps Montgomery Alabama, USA

City Maps Montgomery Alabama, USA Product DescriptionCity Maps Montgomery Alabama, USA is a simple to use pocket that is little book full of all you need for your stay in the big city. Attractions, emergency facilities, pubs, bars, restaurants, museums clothing stores, shopping centers, marketplaces, police are just a few of the places you will… Read more »

Montgomery (Then and Now)

Product DescriptionMontgomery’s history is like a thread that runs out of its ancient buildings to Civil War sites that are major to civil rights landmarks. The current redevelopment theme, “City of Dreams,” shows that present-day Montgomery is a continuation of that connecting thread. Price: $12.70