100 Things to Do in Birmingham Before You Die (100 Things to Do Before You Die)

It was called the Magic City – a bright, shiny new boomtown following the distress of the Civil War. Birmingham was teething on steel as a brash Wild West town with gaming, shootouts and famous madams. When the steel died down, banking and health care industries settled it into a sophisticated city with a famed culinary scene, a broad entertainment district, and striking natural beauty. The colorful past stays in a juke joint, quirky museums and a mining route turning into a greenway. The city changed the country with its infamous struggle, preserved in churches, parks and the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. The city is experiencing a new boom in the restoration of its historic downtown, craft beer scene up and coming new chefs, and an explosion of music venues. The Magic is back. 100 Things to Do in Birmingham Before You Die is the guide to discovering that magical!

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